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Summary of proofs - residential rental provider's claim for bond or compensation

Use this form in support of an application where you are the residential rental provider and you want to claim bond or compensation.

Summary of proofs - owners corporation fee recovery

Use this form if you have applied about unpaid owners corporations fees.

Account by Administrators

Find out about what an administrator must submit each year to VCAT.

After you apply - Residential tenancy cases

After you’ve applied, it’s important to understand the VCAT process. Find out what you need to do and what happens next.

Building and construction

Apply about building work disputes; to review a decision made by a warranty insurer, the Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria...

Hearings 'on the papers'

A hearing 'on the papers' is a process where a VCAT member makes a decision on your case based on written submissions of the parties, without you needing to attend.

After you apply - Owners corporations disputes

After you’ve applied to VCAT, it’s important to understand what you need to do and what happens next.


When you come to VCAT, you may need to pay an application fee, a hearing fee, or a fee for other VCAT services.